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No problem. Let us know how it goes.


Thanks Tom. That is precisely the kind of information that a novice like myself needs to
know. Once again, the list has come to my aid.

The Parts Connection is my first choice for sourcing parts when there is no rush.
Unfortunately, I can't wait for a shipment from CA this time.

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One of the OEM brands of wheel bearings for VAG automobiles is FAG, from Germany. I recently
purchased a set for a 95 90q from Rod at The Parts Connection, one of this lists most often
mentioned and respected parts suppliers.

The sealed ball-bearing units that are used on these cars, and most cars now, are frequently
installed incorrectly. I contend that is where most bearing failures originate, not faulty
bearings. I cannot count how many times folks have talked about taking their bearing to a
"machine shop" to be pressed, and have them last some low milage like 10,000 mi, or much
less. It is critical that the bearing be pressed in only by the outer race, and then the hub
be pressed in by supporting only the inner race. A hammer must never be anywhere near the
operation. As intuitive as it seems, the outer surface of the bearing/inner surface of the
housing should not be greased. The nut or cap-screw should be torqued to at least as tight
as the spec, preferably more (not everyone agrees with this one.) And the car must not rest
on the hub until it is torqued, not even for a second. Contrary to the manual, find a way to
torque them with it in the air.

If you already know all of this, I am sorry for the long lecture. Have fun.

-tom lh

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