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Wed Oct 13 16:06:01 EDT 2004

Update on my fuel injection questions:

PO told me the check engine light had been diagnosed as a failing O2.

Just for giggles unhooked the 02 to see how the car would run in default
mode.  As I expected, check engine light came on after a couple of minutes
where the system would go into closed loop mode.  Nice surprise though,
all my "flat spots" in accel gone, smooth running engine.

So, I'll swap the 02 and coolant temp sensor and see how this thing pans
out...I noticed a dip in power after unhooking the o2, but the smooth
running is just too nice.  I'm still amazed that a 200k mile engine can
put this kind of power out...the NG code is quite a tank of a motor if I
do say so myself.


1981 Scirocco S (TDI swap project)
1988 Audi 90 Quattro
1990 Corrado TDI
1991 Cabriolet (2.0 crossflow 8v project)

Eric S said:
> Hey Bob
> Thanks for the reply.  Visual inspection lead me to believe it was
> CIS-Motronic cause it looked like it had an electrical airflow sensor
> (I've also seen it called CIS-E III on the 88 10vs)
> Basically, I am trying to figure out a rather random check engine light
> and some other issues associated with it ("flat spots" during accel, and
> terrible cold start).
> Suspecting coolant temp sensor for the cold start issue, and maybe oxy
> sensor for both the flat spots and random flashing of the check engine
> light.  (Little amazed by a check engine light on CIS-E btw...VW never did
> that with thier CIS-E cars).  Another thought: last emissions test
> (previous owner) about a year ago, revealed high HC (running rich) and
> high NOX...the NOX I suspect is gonna be a bad cat converter, and could be
> associated with the running problems I am having as well.
> What you think?
> --
> Eric
> Bob D said:
>> Its just CIS-E, not motronic (unless you have a 20V). What kind of
>> questions do you have?
>> BOb
>> Eric S wrote:
>>>Hello all,
>>>Just a quick introduction:  Long time watercooled VW nut (see website in
>>>sig),  just purchased my 2nd ever Audi (previous was a 85 Coupe GT), new
>>>one to me is a 1988 Audi 90 Quattro, 197k on the clock, still looking
>>> and
>>>driving great (besides a few minor issues with the CIS-E Motronic (least
>>>it looks like CIS-E Motronic)).
>>>Looking forward to learning about this cars ins/outs, and hopefully
>>>picking a few of your brains (mainly on the fuel injection...anyone a
>>> self
>>>proclaimed expert on the system used on the 88 90 5cyl motor, please
>>> speak
>>>Oh, location helps too I suppose:  basically in the Denver, CO area.
>>>Anyone else around?
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