Free parts next three days

Charlie Smith charlie at
Wed Oct 13 18:02:35 EDT 2004

I have a dumpster sitting next to the garage.  It will be there
through the 18th.  Saturday the 16th, I'm going to do some major
throwing of parts, including some Audi parts.

If you are close enough to Columbus Ohio, or have a friend who
can show up in my driveway - these parts are free.  I'm not
going to ship anything.  Most of the stuff of interest fits
an '86 5kCSTQ.

    Driver's door window lift mechanism, cable & gears.  New
        and still in plastic wrap.

    CIS parts including fuel distributor and air sensor plate assy.

    5kCSTW intake manifold & parts - such as Idle stabilizer unit
        and a few rubber hoses.

    A box or two of switch's, plugs, parts of wiring harness' and
        other things you can't do without.

    A complete 1980 5000 Diesel 4 speed transmission (2WD).

    Maybe a radio from a 5kCSTQ, of unknown quality (don't remember).

    I'm sure there are other gems burried under the heap of parts,
    I'm not going to dig through and try to catalog them.

If you show up with a truck, or a large trunk, I may load as much as 
possible of this stuff into your vehicle.

Anything not carted off by about Saturday evening will just get pitched.

    - Charlie

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