Anybody tried this?

Robert Myers robert at
Wed Oct 13 23:11:13 EDT 2004

Must be sleepy.  I left out the response.  Duh.

Here is is:

At 09:59 PM 10/13/2004 -0500, Matt Evans wrote:

>I want to believe you really badly, except nobody I've heard of is running a
>megasquirt derivative to do spark on an Audi I5.
>That is, all the I5 megasquirt installs I know of retain the factory ECU for
>sparking, and piggy back it to do fueling.  Only the 034efi stage II and
>higher (I think, that's just a dim memory of a website visit) do fuel and
>spark together.  Nobody much cares about how to do spark on an I5 motor, it
>Getting perfect control over spark is what's going to let you make safe big
>power on a high compression blown motor, right ?  Megasquirt doesn't address
>that at all.
>I'd love to hear that I am wrong.  I would gut this car's FI/ecu and put in
>something I could monitor/tune easily in a heartbeat.. Even running stock
>power levels..
>88 90Q NG motor.  (MC swap next summer?)

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