4kq performance/rally parts...

Paul Giletta PJGiletta at pharmasystemsusa.com
Wed Oct 13 23:44:21 EDT 2004

Thanks for your input, Drew & Bob.  I agree, driver makes most of the difference, and I have a lot to learn, esp with rallyx.  At this point I'm not too concerned about what class I would run in, and how well I would fare with the competition.  I just want to have fun!  

Prior to owning my chipped A4 quattro (my daily commuter that won't be considered for rally duties), I owned a stock '90 80q, only mods were hella 500s, 530s, and a stebro exhaust.  I did compete in a limited amount of rally events, only to find the car was too slow to keep up, not so fun to drive, and I received disappointing results.  

I think suspension upgrades at a minimum are a must on these cars for rally usage, seems to make the driving experience much more entertaining.  Anyone try the GKR springs with bilstein struts?  Quattromotion recommends them for the 4kq.

I'll take suspension over speed any day.  But a stock 10v in a 2750lb + car with quattro makes a total pig, this being from a guy that's used to a 200hp/200+? lbs of torque quattro and getting bored with that already!  What impact does the shrick 272 have on the 10v? Worth the money?  Good balance in hp/torque increase?  I'd be looking to increase accelaration.

As for the other stuff, I know I can certainly use a skid plate, as at last year's PBX rally my car suffered major electrical problems after getting penetrated by dirt & water from the deep water holes.  Know anywhere that sells them?  Quattromotion wants $500 to custom build one!

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