[s-cars] Nokian group buy

Kevin gembella_c4s at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 14 20:53:40 EDT 2004

I'd like IN!!!

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On Thu Oct 14 06:38:05 PDT 2004, Taka Mizutani 
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> If anyone is doing a group buy, I'm all for it- if you want to 
> wait
> til next week, I can contact a few vendors and see what they're
> willing to do.
> Anyone seriously interested in a Nokian group buy, please let me 
> know
> if you want me to try and get the ball rolling.
> Taka
> Nokian WR 225/45R17 VR XL needed for the Volvo

I'm interested as well. Need a set of 5 WR 215/50R17 and 1 WR 


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