diff selector switch

Tom Leppke-Hennig printhead at usinternet.com
Fri Oct 15 14:32:16 EDT 2004

Shawn asked:

<<ok, pulled the diff selector switch panel out of my 87 4kq last night,
the bulbs are burnt out, PLEASE tell me I can change them. I think the
larger ones just twist out, but the tiny ones for the diff diagram
look tricky..whats the scoop gang?>>

Shawn, the 20V list has a section that deals with this. A few users wrote-up the details of
their experiences changing the little bulbs in some of the various controls in 20V cars. I
am not saying your stuff is exactly the same, but this is a great jumping-off point. Great

www.20v.org  Problems and fixes.

Tom LH

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