plzzzzzz 5000TQ 87 tranny VIBRATION under lock

Denis sparkplugvw at
Fri Oct 15 14:51:11 EDT 2004

As i posted this week.... my 5000TQ 87  tranny is vibrate under the center lock.

The tranny seems to fight something, it s like i push the pedal brake, when the car run or not.
When the car is stop, even on a little slop, without brake, the car stay there..!!!!

When i turn to the right, for example, the right wheel spin at opposite rotation, like the front wheel are lock together !!!

I checked, again, if i mixed the rear diff with a 100Q (94.11) rear and the 5000TQ(3.89).

The 100Q make 4.1... turn from the input to both CV flanges , same for my V8 Torsen 1991, so the 5000TQ is on the car.

I removed the driving shaft and made a mark to the front and rear driving shaft flanges. i drove the car 20 feet and then checked if the front and rear flanges made same turns, YES, so again its a 3.89 on the car.

But the car feel the diff ratio seems dont match......antway last week and before everything was fine !!!!

i ll try my other lock gear box from my other 016 tranny if its better...

Any good advice ? tought ?



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