85 Coupe GT steering rack bolts

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 17 17:25:02 EDT 2004

Had the same problem last week.

Since I was alone, I took an old 17mm socket and welded a short steel rod
(about 2") to the side (so it ended up looking like a lower case "p").  I
started the nut, put my socket fenabulator on it (stuffed some teflon air
tape into the socket to keep it on the nut while I maneuvered), and the
short bar rested up against the other bolt, stopping the socket from
turning.  This let me tighten the bolt from above with a long extension.
Though as Jim mentions, I discovered that the rack is threaded so I made
sure the nut was up tight to the bracket, and I socked them both home at the
same time.  Worked very well.

If you could get a wrench or socket to stay on there somehow (duct tape?),
you could do this alone without fabricating a tool, though there's not a ton
of room back there.


Jonathan Monetti
2002 A4 1.8tq (pos)
1987.5 CGT

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> All 4 of the 4000 series car I owned had these bolts loosen up and I have
> found them loose on many customer cars. It is the first thing I look at if
> the steering feels loose.
> The bolts actually thread into the rack, they don't just go through a hole
> and have a nut on the bottom. So first you have to tighten the bolts from
> above and then hold them while you tighten the nuts below. It is
> easiest if
> you have a friend help and get a 17mm wobbly socket (or universal
> joint and
> socket) and long extension. You can position the rack where you
> can get the
> bolts from above with your long extension and wobbly socket by
> going at and
> angle next to the battery box. Tighten both bolts then have you
> friend hold
> one bolt with extension and wobbly while you tighten the nuts from below.
> You might be able to reach in thru the tie rod opening in the
> wheel well. Or
> maybe reaching around behind the cylinder head. Since the rack is threaded
> the torque on the bolts will hold the tight so you friend will not have to
> hold very much tension. I have even been successful tighten the
> top and then
> the bottom with out holding the top.
> Good luck
> Jim
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> Subject: 85 Coupe GT steering rack bolts
> > The two bolts that connect the tie rod bracket to the steering rack
> > piston are loose on my car.  Seems from what I can see, you have to
> > have a wrench under and on top of the bolt / nut to tighten them.  I
> > moved the steering left to right to try and find a position that would
> > allow for the easiest access to the bolts, but I can't figure out how
> > I'd be able to get two wrenches in there to tighten the bolts.
> >
> > Anyone BTDT?
> >
> > Thanks!
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