need help with cooling system, and OH MY GOD

Alan Pritchard apritchard at
Mon Oct 18 11:33:35 EDT 2004

Nope, just chucked water in initially, to be topped up later with coolant.
Tyres are brand new ;)

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At 9:23 AM +0100 10/18/04, Alan Pritchard wrote:

>Pulling away causes a minor squeal from all 4 wheels, never done that

Time for new tires...

>Anyway, now my coolant keeps overflowing so I figure I should have changed
>my thermostat at the same time?

It's generally recommended, yes.  They stick (almost always open) -
especially if the coolant system is not properly maintained.

They will sometimes, in my limited experience, start working better
with fresh coolant and if cycled often- ie you do highway driving
then idle/city, back and forth.

You did flush the system and refill with the blue stuff, yes?

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