Bucket (solid) tappets

Richard Tanimura richard.tanimura at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 05:43:49 EDT 2004

Interesting. I would never have guessed that the viper was as
fat-a$$ed heavy as our cars.


On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 03:35:23 -0400, Cody Forbes <cody at 500tq.com> wrote:
> Well thanks for the replies everybody. Seems it's pretty much not within
> reason to switch over to solids. Short term solution? I'm running a small
> ammount of ATF in my engine oil, it helps alot to keep them pumped. Long
> term? Maybe do some work to the oiling system and bump the pressure just a
> touch.
> On a slightly different topic, back to the old debate about drivetrain
> losses and such. Tonight I raced a Viper (he actually lives a few houses
> down from me, but I've never met him) and was just about even with him,
> actually a marginal ammount faster. We were cruising along at about 30mph in
> second gear to start and ran up to a full 7500rpm in third which needless to
> say is purdy quick with my gearing. I even got it all on video for the
> skeptics. What does this prove? Well a stock Viper is rated at 449hp, I
> pulled 381whp and guestimated about 460-470 at the crank. from the slight
> slight advantage my way in speed I would say there was a 10-20ish hp
> differance between us, and remember I'm spinning up more inertia with the
> extra pair of axles and extra two differentials. Vehicle weights I estimate
> to be very simmilar with my 180lb friend plus 100lbs of stuff in the trunk.
> Outside temperature was about 75 degrees F and very humid (recently rained),
> which is about 10 degrees cooler then when I measured my power.
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