Paint Oxidation - What to do

Kurt Deschler desch at
Wed Oct 20 14:18:03 EDT 2004

Get topcoat polish from an autobody supply shop such as finishmaster and a 
7" electric buffer with a foam pad. That will clean up the clearcoat like 
new. You can even sand out light scratches with 800 grit paper first and 
the buffer will make the sanded areas perfect.

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> Thanks for the info Tony.  What type of pad should I use on the buffer?
>  How easy is it to burn through the paint with these compounds?
> I just purchased a 1992 100CS with a serious case of paint oxidation.  I
> haven't tried anything on it yet, but would like some comments before I get
> started. I've done body work but don't have any experience detailing.
> Brett,
> I'd recommended buffing it for starters (high speed buffer). I like meguires
> #1 for the first step. Then, probably #2. Then a good wax of your choice.
> Should shine pretty good.
> Tony

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