2004 BIR photos on-line

Thompson thompson at audisport.com
Mon Oct 25 08:41:09 EDT 2004


Been awhile since the last post - what - you guys thought I abandoned 
ya'all? Really what happened was... The Glacier Lakes Club abducted me 
and I had to stay as a hostage in Steve Beddor's white 496hp sport 
quattro while he wailed around BIR at over 150mph.  But, while I was 
there I managed to take some photos. Sorry for the delay, it took a 
long time to walk back home to Vermont. Anyway, I'll write up my 
version of the incident soon. Here are the photos >>

2004 Audi (quattro) club 20th National photos are on-line just follow 
the poster link >>


I'll be making some pretty kewl videos of the event as soon as I can 
get the ice racing ones (that I promised Paul K last year...) out of my 
digital 8mm and onto my new G5 iMac. Randy Pobst was there at BIR (not 
ice racing) demonstrating how to hang the tail out on a brand spankin' 
new Porsche 911GT3 in turn 10. And... our very own Scott Justusson was 
there in the brown turd 200tq blowing laps off like it was the 24 auf 
dem Nurburgring. Randy even took Scott's ride out for a few hot laps 
and got it to go around and around.

I do have some Porsche movies on my site. Audi quattro movies will come 
later closer to Christmas time.

Shameless holiday end of season plug for my garage crap that's gotta 
go... PayPal buy now buttons all set up.


FS: 4-Semperit Sport Grip snow tires (205/55-16) and ATS type 10 rims - 
really good condition
FS: 4-Audi //S4 16x8 speedlines with 225/50-16 Dayton ZR1s great 
condition $400 obo (not listed yet)
FS: Audi Sport cotton driving suit that I made! Pretty kewl and funny 
FS: My Audi quattro prints of course
FS: K24 water cooler turbo, 118,000 miles and other parts...
FS: 1- //SFest black shirt from last year's event. Logo only on the 
front pocket. Medium long sleeve, wife doesn't like it??? WTF, but 
loves to drive my (her new) //S6 everyday $30 (not listed yet) life 
goes on.


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