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If earlier '82-84 CGT - need to swap front in too as earlier CGT is 4X100 vs. later 4x108 hubs.  Also front brakes are likely beefier, unless recipient is a later model.

Some other minor changes may be needed, but it is a relatively straightforward swap - providing you take everything off the 80/90 and don't try to mismatch calipers/carriers, disks,etc.  Otherwise, you may get into trouble.

Basically the swap should entail - entire trailing arm assembly incl. rear disks and brakes.  Should be around 6 bolts and two brake lines for the rear and the whole thing bolts right up.

Then you need the front strut assemblies with brakes, disks, etc. - press in new bearings recommended if unsure of mileage and condition. 

The parts to NOT USE unless you want a height increase is the springs which is appropriate for the installation of new/upgraded struts - just swap in the ones from the existing setup, but mostly use everything else off the M80/90.

Still working on '83 CGT turbo conversion which is using M80 rear axle, disks, brakes, etc.

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wondering if teh suspension between the NON quattro coupe gt and 4000 are 
interchangeable in teh rear with that of teh later 88-91 audi 80 and 90 non 

I need new suspension and have gotten a good price on some struts for teh 
80/90's but wondering if they will work on my car?....I also have the 80/90 
rear disc set up on my coupe gt already....


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