Wheel bearing question

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    My mechanic told me that I had a bad bearing on my '89 80 Quattro.  It 
    sounded like the rear ones to him, so I order one.  In the interim, he had a 
    motorcycle accident and another guy at the shop pulls the wheels and 
    determined that it's the front one.  He puts the rear bearing that I ordered 
    on the front.  Is this acceptable?  Yes, if its the same bearing in front and rear(i guess it is on 90Q); 75mm.Or is the wheel vibration that I hear 
    and feel above 65 attributed to the switch?  Or, is the vibration due to the 
    fact that i'd recently had the wheels aligned prior to the bearings being 
    put on and need to get it aligned again?i would say no but if the bearing was very bad it ll affect the angle, you should alig if that is...

    Speed vibration nothing to do about aligm. 
    Maybe you lost wheel balance weight, or the CV joint bolt, at the center of the wheel is not tight enought. It s happened on mine. Sometime it need to tight again after couple miles.
    Or he broken the bearing... remove the wheel , car in neutral... make it turn and feel if you feel any crouch or irregularity when turning....


    Thomas Alexander
    '89 80Q
    '96 Avalon
    '89 T-Bird SC

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