Tire/ Wheel Issues

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 Well, I have two different brands of tires on the rear of the V8, one new
and one about 3/4 worn. The two fronts match the 3/4 worn rear one. Been
this way for about 40K, with no ill efects. The rear of the V8 has a torsen.
I'm pretty sure Audi built them with a little difference in mind - the
torsen isn't too tight - in case someone didn't rotate their tires.

Tony Hoffman

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I guess that's what Tom Mullane thought, replace two, my concern would be if
that would stress the Torsen at all. 

I would definitely have to replace at least the one bad one, the bulge is
significant, not worth the risk of the blowout, especially since most of the
miles I drive are at highway speeds. 


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The new one will grip better in the snow than the old ones, so if you do get
just one (personally I'd get two) put it on the rear. Otherwise you will
have one hell of an oversteering car this winter. If you don't replace it,
put it on the rear, as it is the most likely to blowout on you.

Tony Hoffman 

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I have two questions regarding wheels/tires.

1) What is the "official" color of OEM Audi rims, such as, in this case, UrS
Avus 16 x 7.5 6 spoke Speedlines. Is it still Zermatt Metallic?

2) Opinion requested. When I bought my UrS6, it came with half worn (about
1/4") treaded snows on the aforementioned Avus rims. Three are okay, one has
a noticable bulge in the sidewall near the shoulder.
How much of a problem would there be replacing the one bulged tire with a
new one. I'm kinda on a tight budget, so if I can avoid buying four new
snows, it would help, however, I won't compromise the safety/longevity of
the car to save a few $$$


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