2111 code....check engine light

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Fri Oct 29 21:53:29 EDT 2004

Unfortunately, Doyt's ECU doesn't have the ability
to store codes or memorize anything, so this can't
be the issue. Once the ignition is off, the memory's 
gone. So, no need to reset. 

As for the highest octane gas, my MC2 (higher 
compression) 10VT runs fine on 93 octane, and
it's chipped to 1.8 bar. So, there is little need to
run anything higher than 93 octane, unless something
else is wrong (like, the established engine speed
sensor, which should be replaced). If you needed
higher octane gas than you are currently running, you'd
get knock sensor limit exceeded codes (don't know
the codes, as my Bentley is for an '89 and later 200,
which is MC2). Since Doyt's car has a single knock
sensor, he'll have to refer to his earlier car Bentley.



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> Pull a fuse or disconnect the battery to clear the ECU memory and 
> let
> it learn anew with the new hardware in place.
> On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 12:54:09 -0600, tom winter <tom at freeskier.com> 
> wrote:
> > Doyt - Others who are more sophisticated than I may have a better 
> idea of
> > your problem and the solution, but are you running the highest 
> octane gas
> > available? I had a similar problem with my '87 5000 after 
> rebuilding the
> > head and switching gas solved it. In fact, I was going to pull my 
> codes, but
> > the light has yet to come on since I upgraded my petrol. Just a 
> thought. . .
> > 
> > Good luck,
> > 
> > Tom
> > 
> > 

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