Any CIS-E III experts?

Eric S scirocco at
Sat Oct 30 00:37:40 EDT 2004

Thank you Ti,

Good to know.

All CIS-E I am familiar with was used on 10:1 motors, hence was knock
sensing.  Seems my 4 cyl (VW) experience in showing through again.

So tell me, where the 85-87 CGT and 4KQ a lower compression motor? (like
the VW JH engine code of the same period).  VW choose to keep CIS-Lambda
on those motors, curious that Audi would bother with CIS-E on a low comp


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Ti Kan said:
> Eric S writes:
>> CIS-E is knock sensing and has been used on 10:1 motors long before
>> CIS-E
>> III was used.  Main difference between CIS-E and CIS-E III is the
>> potentiometer and its associated programming. IE, that is the only thing
>> added I can find.
> Only *some* CIS-E is knock sensing.  For example, the 1985-87 4000 4-cyl
> MG engine has CIS-E and is knock sensing; but the 5-cyl 4000q and
> Coupe GTs of the same era with the KX and JT engines are also CIS-E, but
> not knock sensing.
>> My question was specific, can I plug the CIS-E brain into the CIS-E III
>> wiring and have it work properly.  Not if this was a good idea. (thanks
>> for your opinion though).
> I don't think so.  The pin-outs of the two ECUs are not compatible.
> -Ti
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> Ti Kan
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