3 cars in a double car garage

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Oct 31 07:47:11 EST 2004

My Motorola mast will flip down against the glass if I loosen the retainer
screw.  It's a small metric Alan screw.

Additional benefit of the lift is it makes undercar work soooooo much nicer.

At 11:57 PM 10/30/2004 -0600, Brian Pleet wrote:
>After two years of consideration, planning and execution my double garage 
>now houses 3 cars...one up in the air above my S6.
>The garage (detached) was lifted by building movers by 3 ft. A masonry 
>specialist put a 2 ft wall of blocks and then the garage was set back down. 
>In 10ft 2in of clearance, both my Alfa Romeo and S6 live peacefully one 
>atop the other.
>Two minor drawbacks to this solution:
>1) I have to be careful opening the trunk as it will hit the 4 post lift 
>crossbar...not a big issue.
>2) The cellular antenna for the Audi supplied Motorola cell phone will not 
>fit under the cross bar. Question, can you replace the stiff 13" metal mast 
>with another shorter one? Can I bend the shaft without affecting 
>transmission? Can I just leave it off (seems to work fine in the city)?
>Brian Pleet
>95.5 S6 Europa Blue
>Calgary, Alberta  
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