80q coolant flush/refill worry

mike mikemk40 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 20:41:07 EDT 2004


Easiest answer is buy another half litre of coolant,
drain 2 litres out of the system and replace it with 2
litres of pure coolant

This will get you to just about 50/50 water/coolant


 --- Megan Bigelow <cereus at verizon.net> wrote: 
> So I decided to flush and fill the coolant tonight
> on the ole 80q. I 
> drained/flushed it without incident, and then here's
> where I went 
> wrong. The bentley and the Audi coolant bottle
> called for a 50/50 mix, 
> and bentley said the cooling system's capacity for
> that was 3.5L of 
> each water and coolant. Not realizing that there is
> still water from 
> the flush stuck in parts of the system, I measured
> out 3.5L of water, 
> added it, and then tried to (unsucccessfully) add
> the approx. 3.5L of 
> unmixed coolant that was in the new bottle of Audi
> coolant.
> Oops. There was 1.5L of straight coolant still left
> in the bottle. 
> D'oh! And, upon letting the car idle until the fan
> kicks on, the 
> coolant light flashes, and it's definitely not low.
> So I think it is 
> overheating.
> I guess this is more of an "I'm stupid" post than a
> question, but I 
> just wanted to run it by the list's collective
> knowledge that what I 
> need to do is drain and refill properly before
> draining and flushing 
> the whole system again and buying more coolant at
> the dealership 
> tomorrow.
> Curses,
> Megan
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