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tom winter tom at
Thu Sep 2 12:10:06 EDT 2004

I agree, I miss my '86 4000 csq. The thing was bombproof and fun to drive.
Maybe find a really clean one to buy and then strip the existing one of good
parts on the odd chance that you might need them for the replacement?


 9/2/04 8:45 AM, Keith Lawyer at LawyerKG at wrote:

> My thoughts exactly Ed.  Probably not what the original poster wants to
> hear, but the 4k's are ridiculously reliable, save for constant window
> regulator and door handle changes (which arguably don't affect what *I*
> consider reliablility, ie the car still GOES LOL)
> I don't have experience with any Audis beyond '91, however.
> Keith L
>>>> Ed Kellock <ekellock at> 09/01/04 08:48PM >>>
> I think you're already driving it.  But after the 4kq, a V8?
> (ducking)  But seriously, I find them to be more straightforward to
> work on than the turbo cars and depending on which turbo car one might
> compare to, the V8 has better access for the most part.  Just about
> every V8 for sale nowadays is priced under 10k.  Do you do your own
> work?  If not, then I can't think of any other Audi that would be
> cheaper to keep running than the 4kq.
> Ed
> On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 18:00:47 -0700, Chris  Weathers
> <candrweathers at> wrote:
>> My '87 4000 CSQ is in need of quite a few repairs (power steering
> pump, master brake cylinder, front and rear breaks, broken bolt on
> exhaust manifold, etc.).  I do not have the time to repair it myself and
> don't think it is worth putting that much money into the car.  So, as I
> look for a replacement (not a daily driver) I'm wondering what are the
> most reliable Audi models?  I would like to spend less than $10,000 and
> not have something that I have to take to the shop frequently and cost
> me in frequent repairs.  But then again, if this is my goal, should I
> forget Audi altogether even though I will probably not find anything
> else that handles like a Quattro?
>> Chris
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