Lifter tick

cobram at cobram at
Thu Sep 2 15:40:03 EDT 2004

Yes, they are hydraulic lifters, that just means you don't have an
adjustment interval, they'll tick away like badly adjusted solid ones.

If the car's been sitting for a while, the tick will be more pronounced,
but might go away after some daily use.  Also make sure it's lifter
noise, and not manifold noise, they can be very similar.  

Try some Marvel mystery oil before the next oil change, about a 1/2 quart
(that's what I used) in the engine and drive around for a while to see if
it quiets things down.  I was ready to change the lifters a few years
ago, but the marvel mystery oil did the trick for me.  YMMV.

If you check the archives, I recall some listers even recommended ATF and
some other things to quiet them down without resorting to mechanical


"Matt Suffern" <msuffern at> writes:
> I thought these cars had hydraulic lifters?  Could one be stuck or 
> sticking?  If so, how do I unstick it?  Any BTDTs would be very 
> helpful.  Thanks!

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