1.8T 5000tq engine swap

BUONO fbuono at mindspring.com
Thu Sep 2 23:19:00 EDT 2004

Upon receiving reams of polite... although "negatively shaded" feedback
regarding my half-baked idea of transplanting a 1.8T in a 5KTQ... I feel
more compelled than ever to make this swap the essential mission of my life.
Period.  Square peg... round hole... that's me!
Just joking.
The bubble is burst.  With a new 6 week old baby boy... a wife... a dog...
and a house full of relatives in for the holiday weekend... I'd be quite
happy trying to find the time to fix my drivers door lock and get the wiper
pump going!  
What was I thinking?
fbuono at mindspring.com
fbuono at brsarch.com

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