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Eric Sanborn eric.ql at
Fri Sep 3 07:08:02 EDT 2004

Matt Suffern wrote:

>That said, what are some of the pro and cons (if any) to removing the pushrod from the vacuum pump?  Will it hinder braking performance at all?  I do 
>plan to autocross the car in a couple of weeks; perhaps I could reinstall the pushrod temporarily for that.  Thoughts?
>Thanks to all (many!) who offered advice!

Like I said earlier I removed the push rod early in my ownership.  I 
don't left foot brake (not coordinated I guess) so I have never seen any 
problems.  The brake servo is still plumbed to the manifold so it still 
gets vacuum from the engine.  You would have to apply two good hard 
brakes without closing the throttle to start to feel the lack of braking.

I have autocrossed the car once, in the rain.  I have a purpose built 
rabbit EP car and I got my best placing ever in that bone stock 4kq in 
the rain on street tires.   No problem with lack of push rod.

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq

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