Sunroof help, 86 4kq (long...please read :) )

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Fri Sep 3 10:19:20 EDT 2004

Ok, bear with me, as Ive been trying to tackle this silly thing for a while.  
Heres the lowdown.  Back in March the sunroof wouldnt retract into the roof, 
the "lug" as I call it broke on the pass side, not allowing it to push down on 
a piece by the rain tray and have the roof slide back.  I replaced the lug 
and it worked fine, then the other lug broke, replaced it, and it worked fine 
for a while.  A month later it stopped working again, so I tried to adjust it.  
The end result was some nice deep scratches in the paint on the pass side of 
the roof, the top of the sunroof panel was scraping the underside of the roof!  
So, I left it alone for many months.
This week I had free time so I took the panel off of the car and checked 
stuff out, rails are fine, lubed them up and moved them by hand.  No broken parts 
at all.  Please note, I have a Bentley, but it has proved to be very unhelpful 
with this sunroof stuff.  Also, its kinda hard to describe this, but when the 
sunroof is at its "rest" position (the point inbetween tilt and slide mode 
where its supposed to stop on its own and be flush with the roof) isnt correct, 
its higher than the roof, allowing air/water to get in.  All I have to do is 
depress the switch a tad more and it lowers, but I want it to be correct.  
Anyhow, I then adjusted the front and back part of the roof to its lowest point, 
hoping that would work.  Put roof back in, and then motor, still doesnt work.  
Here are some questions that it seems nobody can answer.  First, does it 
matter at what point during my installation that I install the motor?  I installed 
it when the roof was tilted and rain gutter arms attached to the roof.  For 
some reason I think this is part of the problem, the motor not pushing the roof 
down enough.  Whats the proper way to set the motor so it goes all the way 
down?  This would make sense, since the "rest" point is when the back part of the 
roof isnt close to being flush with the roof of the car.  
Second, when is it permissible to attatch the rain gutter arm dealies to the 
sides of the roof plates? does it matter?  I see the plate they attach to are 
Sorry for the long post, I figure you guys have gotta know something about 
the dumb motor driven sunroof :)

Thanks alot

Mike in Indiana

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