euro light relay source?

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at
Fri Sep 3 14:05:57 EDT 2004


Do you mean the bulb monitor?  Or do you need a whole harness?  Both can be
found here, at Blau:

I bought the harness and was very glad I did.  Cost a coupe bucks, but saved
me time & head scratching.

Jonathan Monetti
87.5 CGT

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> Subject: euro light relay source?
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> Just plunked down a bid for a pair of eurolights, type44 turbo style.
> (Sounds like the title of a rap album.) Type 44 is now my dj persona. OK,
> ANYway, this pair doesn't have relays. Since I'm completely mechanically
> incompetent, anyone know of a good source for purchasing said relays?
> t.i.a.
> (car is a '87 5kcstq)
> from chrisdyer at

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