Broken clutch rod?

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> Subject: Re: Re: Broken clutch rod?
> This rod is an integral part of the clutch master cylinder (857 721 401A); 
> I guess someone who kept its old master cylinder can give you one. But I 
> am sure even the dealer doesn't carry it. You are lucky though; the master 
> is available through other channels than OEM. Here in Canada, OEM was 
> 400CAN$ (I bought one... before discovering Audifans and its lists...) but 
> identical good quality ATE master cylinder from a FLAPS is around 150CAN$.
> Regarding the reason it broke, I guess I know why. 
> Your firewall is being pushed for too many years, so you had to adjust the 
> rod further out to compensate and since it was only threaded by a few 
> threads, then it broke after too many cycles. I guess your clutch is worn 
> , so the pedal is hard to depress, accentuating the stress on the 
> components. Remember, a good clutch is easier to depress than a Honda or a 
> VW.
> Don't ask me how I know all this...
> Louis-Alain 
> 83 Quattro with a new clutch, master, slave, bearing, ...

> > 
> Frankly, I'm not CERTAIN of anything. :( I don't see any obvious cracks 
> around the master or slave cylinders. Would they be obvious? Since you've 
> BTDT on replacing the it hard (for someone who doesn't do much 
> wrenching)? Got the part number? Approximate cost?
> Dave
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I've had the car for about 3 years, and have not adjsuted anything. The clutch is stiffer than the one in my former 98 Passat, but nothing compared to the HD clutch that was put in my 5+5 back when I was in HS (it used to cause my calf to twitch at long lights). Should the clutch be fairly heavy in a Coupe GT? Or very light? I don't see any obvious cracks or other signs of firewall problems. I took a closer pic: Thoughts?


1987 Coupe GT Special Build 2.3 
All in SE VA

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