Brake Pressure Regulator BTDT's

Dave C dconner at
Sat Sep 4 16:35:38 EDT 2004

Jim Dupree wrote...
"I had just finished looking up Bilstein prices for my 93 S4 online when read
this so I looked up the BPR for an 87 4kq.  It lists for $249.50 but has them for $157.93, seems reasonable.
They have the Bilstein Sports for my S4 at $115.95 each for the fronts and
$108.78 each for the rears. Anybody know if this is a good price on these?"


I just noticed Scott Mockry has radically altered his webpage interface.

I'm delighted to find his site now includes an online parts catalog
similar to the site you mention and many others.  His prices are
competitive.  He continues to offer personal assistance via phone and
e-mail with advice and parts not listed in the automated catalog. 
Click on the drop down links at the top of the page to access his
great Audi technical resources which he still offers at no cost to the
- - -
Dave C.

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