Fuel leak/tank overflow, type 44

Eyvind Spangen 200q20v at bluezone.no
Mon Sep 6 14:47:28 EDT 2004

A few days ago, I bought an '89 100Q (NF engine). Today, I filled about 68
litres, a full tank.

I drove off, a few miles, then parked the car and noticed a real fuel smell.
Looked under the car, and the part of the fuel tank by the right rear wheel
was wet with fuel, some of it was dripping off the protection cover under
the tank too.

It did not come from the fuel tank seam, it almost looks like it's running
down from the top of the tank. No huge leak as I couldn't see any spill on
the ground except some drops, but the fuel smell was awful, it would even
come into the car if I opened a window while driving. In addition, with
$1.30/litre, I can't afford spilling any fuel at all.. :)

Later today, I drove 50 miles, now everything is fine and dry, no fuel smell
either. I pulled the cover in the trunk to check for leaks, but I didn't see
anything at all.

What can this be? Was it the overflow dumping some fuel due to expanding,
malfunctioning overflow, or is the tank or any of its connections leaking?

I tried searching the archives, but didn't find anything about type 44 fuel
tanks except leaking in the seam..

E. Spangen

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