oil sludge recall for 1.8t's

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Mon Sep 6 22:12:06 EDT 2004

Brett:  Agreed to a point.
The owners manual for the '99 1.8T A4 and the '99 2.8 NA V6 in the A6 have 
10K and (for the A6:15 K intervals.)  The first one is 5K for the 1.8T THEN 

Horribly long...............IMHO for those who plan to keep cars well past 

Its Audi's/VW's/AOA fault IMHO to push those (oil change) invervals to save 
money recommended by some accounting department bean 
counter..................remember Audi does the maint for 50K on their tab.............

My mom's 1.8T  has 30K on it Around 25K we thought we should change the oil 
because it seemed like it was time ~5K.
The dealer said NO.....its black because of the detergent............ since 
we've had it for 10K (Audi assured USED) I let it go..........she NEVER uses 
the turbo.

FYI - Scott by BOSTON
> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at cloud9.net>
> Subject: 
> http://www.cars.com/news/stories/090104_storya_an.jhtml?page=newsstory&
> aff=boston
> "Duh, gee, if I don't change my oil for 20,000 miles, my engine will 
> get damaged? Duuuuh, that's VW/Audi's fault!"
> Christ, this country is full of morons.  Has anyone actually heard of 
> or seen a case that was properly cared for (ie followed the 
> recommended 5k oil changes) that had the sludge problem?  Because 
> this seems like owner neglect, pure and simple- and that it shows in 
> the 1.8t's because they're turbos and in low-end models (ie owned by 
> people who don't put as much care into their car as they would, say, 
> an S4 or A6 biturbo).
> Brett

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