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Huw Powell audi at
Tue Sep 7 21:47:19 EDT 2004

> My '87 4000 CSQ is in need of quite a few repairs (power steering
> pump, master brake cylinder, front and rear breaks, broken bolt on
> exhaust manifold, etc.).  I do not have the time to repair it myself
> and don't think it is worth putting that much money into the car.

> So, as I look for a replacement (not a daily driver) I'm wondering
> what are the most reliable Audi models?  I would like to spend less
> than $10,000 and not have something that I have to take to the shop
> frequently and cost me in frequent repairs.  

These two paragraphs seem to me to be very different approaches.  For 
$10k you should be able to maintain your 4kq in *perfect* condition for 
5-10 years.  That includes decent but not super-expensive tires.

For $10k you could also buy a nice 90Q/CQ, make it perfect, and maintain 
it for years.

I think, these days, you could even get a "ur" S car (20v turbo), buy 
some tires and register and insure it for $10k...

The only tough thing to fix on your 4kq is that exhaust manifold stud, 
and even that could be taken care of well by a competent mechanic.

Any used car you buy is likely to be "hiding" *something*, or require 
some work soon enough to mess up that "reliability" issue for you.

As far most reliable Audi?  I'd say, '83 5000 or '87 4000/Coupe.

Huw Powell

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