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Not sure why this is a problem, Kent, for if they are truly fog lights they should be aimed low at the road directly in front of the car, and therefore cause no issue to on-coming traffic. I have them on my A4 and like the fact that they illuminate the road close to the front of the car, so I use them frequently at night. What I DON'T like are the GM cars that use the high-beams as their DRL's That is very irritating, even at 90% intensity, in the evening before headlights are necessary and even during cloudy days....
Dan D
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Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com> wrote:
rob hod wrote:
> Anyway for some reason I set off ranting, but
> it was directed at the HID type lunacy that currently prevails and seems
> fit in with the SUV driver mentality

Here in the States it seems to be that every BMW is delivered
with fog lights, and every BMW driver is compelled to drive with
them on, no matter the weather or on-coming traffic.

Bozos. [1]

Kent McLean
'94 100 S Avant
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[1] In the US, Bozo was/is a famous TV clown with flaming
red hair, who's name is now applied to those who are stupid,
incompetent fools.

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