Fuel leak/tank overflow, type 44

Eyvind Spangen 200q20v at bluezone.no
Wed Sep 8 15:35:45 EDT 2004

I "dived in" today and think I found the cause for my fuel leak.

The cover/fuel sending unit top is cracked from the banjo bolt connection to
the edge. I guess fuel leaks out here when the tank is completely filled
up.. In addition, the banjo connection was so tight that I didn't open it.
It seems like so much force is needed that the whole plastic thing might
break into pieces, not fun..

I just cleaned it and put on some fuel-proof sealant until I can get my
hands on a used unit. Looks fine for now, but I don't think it'll last

Does anyone know if the unit from the C4 chassis cars (ur-S4/S6) can be
used? The tank is the same, but the fuel sender has got a different part
number.. The unit I've got is only used on type 44 quattro cars, and here in
Norway, they are a lot harder to find used than C4 quattro parts..

In addition, the gasket between the top cover and and the body of the car
(the one with 3 screws) was missing.. This is a wagon, so I guess this is
why I had the terrible fuel smell inside the car while it was leaking.

E. Spangen

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