Fuel leak/tank overflow, type 44

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Sep 8 18:36:48 EDT 2004

I don't know why the sending unit would be different, but I'd guess you
still could use that part of the one from your present tank.  All you
really need is that new plastic cover part.  I'll bet the plastic broke
when someone tried to undo the banjo bolt.  I broke one on a parts car
trying to undo that bolt to get to the fuel pump.  I'd be sure I have a new
cover to install before disassembling further.

At 09:35 PM 9/8/2004 +0200, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>I "dived in" today and think I found the cause for my fuel leak.
>The cover/fuel sending unit top is cracked from the banjo bolt connection to
>the edge. I guess fuel leaks out here when the tank is completely filled
>up.. In addition, the banjo connection was so tight that I didn't open it.
>It seems like so much force is needed that the whole plastic thing might
>break into pieces, not fun..
>I just cleaned it and put on some fuel-proof sealant until I can get my
>hands on a used unit. Looks fine for now, but I don't think it'll last
>Does anyone know if the unit from the C4 chassis cars (ur-S4/S6) can be
>used? The tank is the same, but the fuel sender has got a different part
>number.. The unit I've got is only used on type 44 quattro cars, and here in
>Norway, they are a lot harder to find used than C4 quattro parts..

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