sagging avant rear

Peter Golledge petergg at
Thu Sep 9 00:39:57 EDT 2004


Do I recall correctly that you used Bilsteins from the Sedan and found 
that they fit the Avant?  My wife's 200TQA is in need of  new dampers....
I already have the bushings to go in..... :-)

Peter Golledge

kbogach at wrote:

> I fixed sagging by changing busings in rear arms (look like beheaded 
> tuna fish.  Largest bushings makes that difference.   When asking 
> questions about this problem I was told by several people that those 
> springs never go bad  from normal usage.   We did not take into 
> account the case when you drive with 1/2 tone of  stuff  every day.   
> No sagging observed for the past 3 years.   I also put  havy duty 
> Bilsteins.  Not that is matters.   I  put them a month later after 
> sagging was gone.
> Konstantin.
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