sagging avant rear

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I agree that adjustable shocks would be nice. The folks at
"" said they could make air-shock struts for any car with
struts. Only problem they replace the spring entirely, and that seems
less than fail-safe. I think its about $400 per set. You send em a strut
and they sent it back with the spring replaced with an airbag...
Other than that, I have wondered if the Nivomat shocks that are
available for a SAAB 95 wagon could be modified to fit a 44 A, but no
nothing about how the SAAB suspension is set up.
One other possibility is to go from constant rate springs to progressive
rate. That would help some when caring heavy loads or trailering.
Thanks for the offer of the springs. I think I need to check bushings

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	I have springs from both '91 200 20V tq avant and from '87 5000
CStq Avant.  They are available if we need to use them for a workup.  I
plan(ned) to install the 200 springs on a 5000 tqa to lower slightly
with higher spring rate, but not necesarily at this point, especially
since one '87 is just about sold and the others have some interested.  I
wouldn't be needing these right away, and possibly not at all.
	I noted that the 200 20Vtqa springs were about 1/2" shorter than
the 5000 springs.  The 200 spring seemed to be a little heavier duty and
measured larger spring guage than the 5000.  My guess is the 200 springs
were a bit more aggressive and gave the car a slightly lower stance.
	 I now have the H&R springs on it and like them with Bilstien in
fron and koni sport in rear.  I use this car for towing some pretty
decent loads of half ton or more - closer to a ton incl. trailer weight.
Basically have only been limited by how much the trailer can carry.
Having the camber set properly in the rear prevents a rubbing problem I
had with the oversize (225/60VR16) tires on stock BBS wheels.  I love
this car for its all around combined sprotiness and duribility.  Had no
problem towing trailer in group rally with OLD SCHOOL Quattros and with
the power was easily keeping up with the Coupe 20V's.  I kind of used
the trailer as a rudder and no problems with the hairpin turns or
"BreakNeck Road".  Once on the highway, I can loose just about anyone
even when pulling the loaded trailer.
	If I were to make one improvement, it would be to install some
kind of height adjustable spring/strut like on the Allroad.
	I assume that you are haveing the "sagging" problem when not
carrying a load and that indicated the springs are probably loosing
their "springiness".  On the avants I've had (several) most sat nice and
high in the rear so that the car had a wedge like appearance.  I recall
having one that did seem to"sag" in the rear.  Also some of the struts
give a little bit of lift to the car, even though their primary function
is damping.  Possibly all you need is to "refresh' the suspension. some.
Check all your bushings and mounts are tight and not compressed.

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