5ktq still doesn't start

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Thu Sep 9 15:29:44 EDT 2004


  Interestingly enough I had a similar problem on my 84 audi. What happened was the wire from the relay got pushed off and there was no current to the pump. I am not sure that the pumps just quit they really start sounding loud and then probably followed by a lower flow. Some one with more experience may know better. Just another thing to check before ripping out the pump from the gas tank.


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> My car still doesn't start. It's been sitting on the street for over a week 
> now. :( 
> There is spark, but we can't hear the fuel pump running, so I'm pretty sure 
> that's what's wrong. We changed the fuse and the relay but it made no 
> difference. The weird thing is that the day after it first didn't start, I 
> tried it, and it started up as nothing ever was wrong, but not since then. 
> I am thinking it's an electrical connection issue somewhere. 
> Any ideas? The car is an 88 5ktq with Scott Mocry's chipped ECU. 
> Thanks, 
> ZSolt 
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