5ktq still doesn't start

walian at att.net walian at att.net
Thu Sep 9 15:42:05 EDT 2004

exactly it got push out of the fuse box by replacing the relay. Sometimes it made contact because it happened to touch but it was poped out. I think I just push the wire back in the fuse box from under the dash. Just pull the relay and look at the connections with a flashlight or even check it with a meter. You can then temp jump it to see if the pumps starts. It should start if you jumper it with the key out of the car, of course you may flood the engine so do it quickly. 


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> Hey Frank, 
> You mean the wire behind the fusebox that is connecting to the relay's socket? 
> Thank you, 
> Zsolt 
> At 01:29 PM 9/9/2004, you wrote: 
> >ZSolt, 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Interestingly enough I had a similar problem on my 84 audi. What 
> > happened was the wire from the relay got pushed off and there was no 
> > current to the pump. I am not sure that the pumps just quit they really 
> > start sounding loud and then probably followed by a lower flow. Some one 
> > with more experience may know better. Just another thing to check before 
> > ripping out the pump from the gas tank. 
> > 
> > 

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