RE Coolant dash warning light flashing... HELP!!!

George Siambis geosiam at
Thu Sep 9 21:15:39 EDT 2004

> > I'm facing a weird dilemma, My 89 200 TQ 10V has been expiriencing 2nd day in a row. This is
> the situation. My coolant warning light came on after draining the coolant and refilling it. I
> then drove the car for a bit but the light didn't turn off. Instead it stays on flashing but
> not chiming. I do know that this car has the warning light for the coolant level 

> It sometimes helps if you unscrew the header tank and lift it a couple of inches when filling.
> The front of the car should be slightly higher than the rear.

Maybe a longshot, but my 88 90q coolant warning light stayed on
regardless of level unitl I changed the MFS sensor under the coolant
flange (where top radiator hose goes into engine)  When I pulled the
sensor's rubber "bootie" back it was crusted with coolant that had
seeped (seemingly) through it.

Good luck,
George Siambis
88 90q

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