any way to make 4kq power steering feel better??

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I wasn't saying the car is balanced (I've driven probably 2000 different
cars), I was saying the steering is balanced. That is, feel -vs- assist. The
assist is enough for driving around town and parking, etc.(which is done
every day), but not so much as to take away the feel for when the tires
break loose.
Tony Hoffman


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Subject: Re: any way to make 4kq power steering feel better??

Anthony:  I'd have to go with Matt on this one. 
The 4000Q is nimble but is not the best balanced car.  With so much of the
5cyl engine over the front wheels, it understeers period. 
Suspension, 15" low profiles and tweaks with a rear sway bar might help, but
that cars light, but not well balanced. 

To get rid of the boosted feel take off the PS belt, like perviously

Darting around in traffic doesn't make a well balanced car, try a BMW. 
-Scott by BOSTON former 400K 4000Q owner 

From: Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC 
I'd have to say the 4kq has about the best balance of any car I've driven in

a long time. Adding some 15's definitely helps with the road feel, and the 
tramliining as well :( However, if you want it stiffer yet, get a manual 
rack from an early '80s 4000. 
Tony Hoffman 

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> Subject: any way to make 4kq power steering feel better??   Hi, 
> I was just wondering if anybody knows of a way to make the PS in my 4kq
> less numb and over boosted?  I was thinking that upgrading to a bigger
> wider tire combo might make a little difference but I don't know if it
> be enough..  I was thinking of a 215/50 - 15 or possibly even a 225 if
> would fit. 
> Has anyone else ever felt that the steering feel isn't so great? 
> Matt Kramer

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