factory V8Q service manuals

Todd Young auditodd at comcast.net
Fri Sep 10 23:34:12 EDT 2004

I can do one better.....

I have a PDF copy of the factory service manual on CDROM and I will burn 
a copy and send it out to anyone who sends me $3 (to cover cost of CD 
and postage).

I've offered this before and offer it again to anyone who is interested.

I prefer the electronic copies of manuals, so that I can print out the 
pages I need and if they get dirty, throw them away. Can't say that for 
a normal paper service manual.

(Sorry Calvin, I don't mean to throw cold water on your friend's offer.)

calvink at fastermac.net wrote:
> A technician friend of mine has a set of factory V8 quattro
> service manuals which he might put up for sale soon, and he
> asked if I'd list them on eBay for him.  Before I do that, I
> thought I'd offer them to the list first.  So, if you would
> be interested in these, contact me offlist.  Thanks.
> Calvin K.

Todd Young
7079 Dawn Ave. E.
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

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