Clutch R & R--Type 44, '90 200 QT Avant, HELP.

Phil Haag philhaag at
Sat Sep 11 12:03:36 EDT 2004

Lister's Help....

I am doing a clutch this weekend... I remember that about a month or so ago 
there was a thread on clutch installation issues. I thought I had saved it, 
though cannot locate it now. Please any advice would be appreciated. This is 
my first Audi clutch.

I will also be doing the driver's side wheel bearing. I had some info on 
that as well but cannot locate it. Yeah, I know I could lose my head and not 
know... Well any references would help. Like how to maintain alignment when 
taking down the strut etc.


Phil Haag

'90 200 Quattro Avant
220,000 miles (yes, time for a clutch)
1.9 Bar

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