General Question (mAC) Pressure Plate Failure

Denis sparkplugvw at
Sat Sep 11 13:51:56 EDT 2004

  The trough out bearing got srap and part out on the pressure plate,, hope the tranny shaft is not damadge ;-(.
  The pedal goes on the floor because it leaks somewhere, first look unther the car between the tranny and the engine you should see brake ioil come from the slave cylinder (if its broken) on in the car, from the master cyl ,,, yerk...

  So 2 diffrent problem- trought out bearing - slave cyl.
  you lll see when the tranny l be out.
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    Yes, I have a '90 200 Quattro Avant.   I am having the same problem, and 
    will be installing a clutch kit this afternoon.  Mine started with a noisy 
    release bearing, aka through out bearing.  Now when I step on the clutch I 
    get a loud screeching, whirring sound, and sometimes the clutch peddle stay 
    on the floor, and I have to pull it up with the toe of shoe.

    I think the problem is a shot pressure plate and bad release bearing.  The 
    disc still holds tight, just the pressure plate fingers and bearing, are 
    bad.  Well I'll know for sure in a few hours.


    '90 200 Quattro Avant
    220,000 miles,  yes- time for a clutch
    1.9 Bar boost

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    >I guess it's hydraulic. The only other response seems
    >related to TO bearing (mine suffered the same fate only about
    >40K miles ago) and it's definitely NOT a worn clutch disk,
    >as the pedal is actually quite light (although hard for me to judge,
    >  my S-car DOES have a worn clutch disk, so it's heavy. Doing
    >other things to take care of that, hopefully not on my dime).
    >Pedal and spring are fine, so when it sticks to the floor (has done it
    >on occasion ALL BY ITSELF, i.e. open the door,
    >find pedal on the floor, pull up with toe) I am not
    >sure what to believe. A tech that drove the car was the one whom
    >suggested that it's the pressure plate and that this was common to
    >T44's, but so far it doesn't seem that anyone on this list has suffered
    >a similar fate. With the concentration of T44 listers here, I thought
    >there would be someone whom had experienced this.
    >Thanks for your input anyway.
    >LL - NY
    >'95.5 S6 only waiting to do a HSRB, otherwise all else there (stopped
    >halfway down the slope)
    >'89 200Q - now the daily driver
    >On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 15:57:52 -0400 "Kent McLean"
    ><kentmclean at> writes:
    > > LL wrote:
    > > > Has anyone heard of having the clutch pedal stick to
    > > > the floor being a sign of such a failure, i.e. the
    > > > fingers are worn enough to not be able to return the
    > > > pressure plate to the drive position (i.e. clutch
    > > > perpetually disengaged)? Or are symptoms like these
    > > > more likely associated with hydraulic issues?
    > >
    > > I had the clutch pedal on my '89 200 TQ stick to the
    > > floor.  It turned out to be a broken tab on the pedal
    > > that pushes on the master cylinder. Without the tab,
    > > the pedal just sprung to the floor and stayed there.
    > > I could pull it up by hand or with a toe.
    > >
    > > Judging by what I read on the list, it is more likely
    > > a hydraulic issue, probably the master cylinder or
    > > slave cylinder, or both.
    > >
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