type 44, bottom radiator shroud bolt removal?

Doug Yoder yoderw at msoe.edu
Wed Sep 15 10:00:08 EDT 2004

Yeah, when I did mine, I had to disconnect the PS pump hoses (sorry Brett,
forgot to mention that in my other email).  I was able to leave the PS
pump itself in place.  Lots of wiggling and shifting, but I was able to
get the fan/shroud assembly out without disconnecting any coolant hoses or
removing the radiator.

-Doug Yoder

The voices in Kneale Brownson's head said:
> I couldn't get my shroud off independently either.  Had to pull radiator
> and shroud together, if I remember correctly.  Had to wiggle the radiator
> a
> bunch.  Not much clearance there.  And I had the PS pump off at that time
> too.  Maybe disconnect the PS pump bracket swing bolt and shove the pump
> assembly as far into the engine as possible?
> At 09:57 PM 9/14/2004 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>>At 8:10 PM -0400 9/14/04, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>>>The second one, however, is buried back there; the body crossmembers
>>>and wiring and all sorts of other garbage is in the way.  How the
>>>heck do you get in there?  I've even tried pushing the radiator up a
>>>half inch or so.  Now I can at least see it better, but even with a
>>>flex-joint socket and every extension in the house, I couldn't
>>>manage to get purchase on it.
>>Solved my own problem right after I posted- from under the car,
>>there's plenty of room for a 10mm gear-head wrench.  One of those
>>right-in-front-of-you deals.
>>So with everything unbolted including the fan wiring- the shroud
>>goes...not very far.  I can move it around a fair bit, push it
>>backwards- but that's it. Does the fan motor have to come off?
>>I also can't get the radiator to move more than a few inches upwards
>>(yes, unhooked from the condenser, which has been pushed forward).
>>Feels like it is catching on the side duct, among other things.
>>Any tips?
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