Michelin Man got a girdle

Eric Sanborn eric.ql at sofadog.net
Wed Sep 15 21:21:11 EDT 2004

Well due to peer pressure from the list ;) I tried to turn up the boost 
on my 4ktq last weekend.  I am using the configuration described on the 
AutoSpeed site.  (Pressure relief valve to eliminate waste gate 
cracking, pressure regulator to trick WG).  The trouble is I read it a 
few years ago before they started charging to read it.  I thought I got 
it plumbed up correct. 

I opened them up fully which should have resulted in no net change to 
boost.  I drove the 2 miles to the end of my road and opened it up in 
second gear.  As I buried the needle on my boost guage my brain was 
franticly trying to tell my foot to lift.  Well needless to say that 
found the weak link in my intake track.  However I did not realize it at 
the time.  Since it was late Sunday I just took it home and replumbed 
the intake straight to the WG (stock boost).  The next day when trying 
to merge into traffic I discovered my engine had a new feature.  I had 
an instant blow off valve.  It made a nice noise and tried to kill my 
engine every time I tried to accellerate.

Now I have 5 layers of duct tape covering the quarter size hole in my 
michelin man hose.  I think the hole has been brewing for a while 
because it now hot starts easier and runs smoother.

So who here thinks this hose should be so expensive?  The only place 
around here that can get it wants $95.  Seeing as the fuel filler neck 
hose that I have used for all the other intercooler connections are 
doing great I think I will be fabricating rather than purchasing.

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq


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