Cold Start issues, '89 200Q MC2

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Most likely the CSV is OK, they don't go bad too often since they're not used much. But the only way to 100% sure is by unbolting it and watch it spray. You may be able to see it spray w/ the throttle wide open, but... What I had to do was remove the black linkage bracket plate that sits above the CSV, unbolt the it, disconnect the electrical connector, and put it over a clear 20oz soda bottle (You'll have to loosen the fuel lines from those plastic holder clips so you can move the CSV around). Then I jumpered the fuel pump on w/ the ign off, and then connected a couple alligator clips to the electrical connection on the CSV. You need to find a positive voltage source and connect that side w/ the alligator clips and  touch the other side to ground. As long as the fuel pump is on, and you have a voltage across the 2 pins in the CSV connector, it will turn on and dump fuel. Just b/c the valve is working, doesn't mean it's actually getting turned on though. You need to also make sure the connector for it is being energized when the engine is cranking and dead cold. There is a chart for length of time it stays on at different temps in the Haynes and Bentley.

Sounds like the sensor you tested is OK, but there maybe others. Have you thought about checking your warm-up regulator? This can cause trouble if it's stuck in some position... You need to check the resistance of the heating element of the WUR, and then you'll have to have a fuel pressure tester w/ a 2-way valve and CIS-type fittings to check out if it's working right. With the kit you can also test the whole fuel system, by checking residual pressure and control pressure (WUR regulates control pressure). You may want to see if someone has one you can borrow, or the cheapest you can get it is at JC Whitney for about $60+. Hope this is of some help... Let us know what else you can find out... good luck.


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Looking for list help.

Patient, '89 200Q, MC2 198K miles

Symptom. Hard Cold Start, won't idle until car gets warm. 

No codes thrown. Output tests make Cold Start Valve click 
By symptoms only (again, no codes shown), it suggests a bad
coolant temp sensor. Soooo:

Checked continuity of the lead to the sensor, read about 12 (!) ohms
at the connector. Cut wire back and replaced the connector, now reads
0.3 ohms. Cleaned the sensor(s) with contact cleaner and checked cold 
and hot values, cold reads between 1000 to 1100 ohms (slightly out of
warm drops to around 80 ohms, which is in range. The sensor in the
coolant flange 
reads quite similarly, so just for fun, swapped wires. No changes in

So, has anyone checked their cold start valve for function? How to do it?
Is it a typical failure for the kind of milage of the vehicle. And
finally, what's
one worth and is it even worth the bother to consider a used one?

This car has been regulated to daily driver (one step over beater)
so I'd rather not spend too much if possible, but will to keep it
running, so
any advice would be appreciated. 



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