Gas or Deisel Truck ?

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Fri Sep 17 21:00:32 EDT 2004

Larry C Leung wrote:
>Fay,  With the kind of milage you are doing (are they also charging you by the
>mile for the rental? 

It's a flat fee for the trip.

By the mile came out cheaper actually!
by almost $1,000 but this company doesn't lease
long distance by the mile

>I hope not, search around to find one with the minimum
>per mile charges, as this will become the main cost of the rental), I'd suggest
>the diesel.


>Also, have you considered having a moving company do the chore?

have you read all of the articles about scams and ruining everything.
I would never trust a moving company cross country, sorry.
if ya want something done right, ya might as well do it yourself. ;-)

>It may not be a great cost difference. Have a truck large enough to carry
>one of the Audi's in it. 

actually with a 26 foot truck that shouldn't be a problem

we moved from MN east with TWO 26 foot trucks, one with a BOAT in it and the other towed a car!

WE had 3 dogs and 4 cats and it was a real zoo, I'll tell ya.  It took us 10 days to drive what most people can drive in 5.

>Load the other one with fragiles, valuables, and enough stuff so that you can take that cross country tour. Meet up with the truck when it gets to your destination.

I was thinking of towing one car on a car carrier (not tow dolly) so that in case one car breaks down we can drive the other and just tow the other until we get to Flag.

> (you may need to have your truck unloaded into a storage facility in order to facilitate all of these logistics).

We'll probably be living in a dirt-floor tent the way we are going !!!

Thanks ~ 

Cheers,  Fay         ^. .^   ~

Saturday, September 18, 2004

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