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Sat Sep 18 03:20:17 EDT 2004

Mark J. Besso writes:
> Am I the only one that sees a Hyundai Elantra in this *new* design?
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The similarities are superficial.  While there are some common themes,
but it's the surface detail and tension that makes the difference.
IMHO the Elantra just looks dorky, whereas the Audi's face has the
marks of precision and looks downright mean.  If one of these appears
in my rear view mirror I'd be inclined to move over out of instinct :).

The new Audi nose is growing on me already even though it hasn't yet
been formally launched on any models in the US.  The old face was nice,
in kind of a pleasant way, but the new look is more dramatic and strikes
an emotional response.  You might not like it at first look, but the
best works of art in the world are never that way.  They are often
controvertial and misunderstood.  Give it time, though, and hopefully
you'll begin to understand and appreciate it.  For example, the C5 A6
was quite a dramatic departure from the C4, particularly the rear.  When
it was first launched there were similar cries of "ugly", etc., on this
list, but I think it's fairly safe to say that the C5's styling is
no longer controvertial.

One other minor change to the new A4 is that they have made the crease
along the sides a smidge more pronounced, and the sheetmetal is just
a tiny bit more curved.  This change, however minor, makes a big
difference.  I have always thought that the B6 style looked too slab-sided.
Not any more.

That said, I still love the B5 generation.  I think it's got some of
the best proportions of any Audi.  It looks "just right" from every angle.

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