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IME Bilsteins on the 200 and V8 for stock springs are not so good -- 
agreeing with Bernie here.  With Eibach or Sachs Sport Springs (my
experience) and Bilstein Sports, the car handles/rides well in all around
driving and occasional track use.  Using larger than stock wheel/tire combos
and their associated weight makes this effect even more pronounced.


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> Subject vehicle 200 20V 3B w/ 150K 17" wheels.
> Knowing Bernie's answer, I'd like to gather suggestions for increasing the
> track handling of my daily driver. (Yes, dedicated track car would be
> Bilstein's increase ride height correct?
> If I decide to use H&R to lower 1.5", boge turbo gas sufficient?
> Are there SOME bushings that would benefit from derlin/urethane?  I "know"
> certain OEM rubber ones are best due to the travel motion of some
> points.
> Current plan is bushings, upper strut bearings, "springs" and "shocks".
> TIA -Scott by BOSTON
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