S4 used Air bag price ?

Denis sparkplugvw at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 23 23:19:28 EDT 2004

  I did some research on the net and i saw 250 too 500$ for an S4 used airbag.....

  Anyway i ll trade mine for parts i need for the A4 V8 project .

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    > > how much can i expect to pay for an Air bag for an S4 1994 ? ...
    > 50$ used is about right.

    > Used?  That wouldn't mean blown up, would it?  Like toilet
    > paper, used once only ;o)
    > TT

    Nah, perfectly good item, it's just a commonly available part that's all.
    Not S4 specific in the least. We've been known to toast off a good one on
    Fri eve's for fun :)

    Chris Semple
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